What Is Natural Language Processing and How Do I Use It in Enterprise Technology?

Client: National Bank of Greece

A long-form introduction to NLP with a look at the business impact of this new technology.

Topics: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, business impact of technology

6 Basic SDLC Methodologies: Which One is Best?

Client: Robert Half

This is the #1 global ranking Googe result for the keyword “SDLC methodologies”.

Topics: Software development, Agile, DevOps, programming

The 3 Most In-Demand Digital Skills Right Now

Client: Rackspace

One of many articles created for this microsite which was created by Rackspace as a way to start conversations about digital transformation.

Topics: Digital transformation, business impact, technology, IT recruitment

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Payroll

Client: Honest Buck

This long-form piece tries to provide real value to small business owners by talking through all of the main payroll issues that may affect them.

Topics: Payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, business strategy, human resources

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